Hisense 50A61G 50 inch 4K UHD Smart Frameless TV

KSh 51,999.00

Screen size: 50 inches TV
Resolution: 3840X2160
HDMI ports: 4
USB slots: 2
Motion rate: 120
Bluetooth: Yes

KSh 51,999.00

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The Hisense 50A61G 50 inch 4K UHD Smart Frameless Tv price in Kenya is 51,999 shillings. This model features a screen display of 50 inches and 3840x2160P resolution. A62G series connects to 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB slots.

The TV has an auto low latency game mode that enables you to adjust your TV settings for all your gaming, a wireless Bluetooth connection that is compatible with a soundbar, and headphones.

Hisense A61G series comes with a DTS Virtual: X that gives you an immersive sound experience. Buy Hisense 50A61G 50 inch 4K UHD Smart frameless TV online at best price in Kenya at Zuricart


Hisense A61G is the immediate predecessor of Hisense A62G and comes with a great price that is not worth resisting. The main difference between it and Hisense A62G is that it is a Smart TV whereas the other is an Android TV. It will run on VIDAA OS rather than Android OS found in its successor.

This TV comes with a 4K UHD resolution that is 4 times better than that of a Full HD screen giving it a great leap.

DTS will supports sound while Chromecast built-in allows casting of content from your phone to the TV. It has Auto Low latency mode that makes it for gaming without having lags. 


The design of this TV closely resembles that of Hisense U7G in a number if ways. This model features a sleek look and comes with thin bezels that are un-obstructive. Its rear part is made of metal on top and plastic at the bottom. 

The stand is firm enough so as to give a steady support to the TV without wobbling. In addition to this, the tracks on the back will be used for cable management.


4K UHD resolution is found in this model and is even four times bigger and better as compared to that of Full HD Hisense 43A6000F. As a comparison, full HD resolutions come with 1080P resolutions that spot 3840×2160 pixels resolutions that make it to be more efficient.

It also has 8.4 million pixels that have been added to it and a full array LED backlight that creates a sharper and more colorful picture. 4K resolution is able to capture four times the amount of information and unlike 1080p footage, content via it can be cropped, zoomed and reframed without loosing quality.


Dolby vision will bring cinema viewing at the comfort of your home.It will give out Cinema vibes through allowing innovation to run deep in the display. Dolby vision Clearly brings out more details, colors and shadows in images. It further comes with highlights that are visibly clearer.


Hisense A61G comes with Auto low latency game mode that makes it great for gaming. Similarly, to Hisense A62G, the mode will be able to adjust your TV settings for efficient gaming purposes. It will therefore result in smooth and uninterrupted play.

Your TV will automatically switch to its lowest latency mode immediately it detects a signal from a gaming console, PC or related devices. It will further be able to deliver the fastest performance with the least amount of lag.


Whereas previous models such as Hisense A62000f came with Dolby Sound, his TV has DTS Sound. Dolby Sound usually compresses more of sound and does not support higher bit rates of up to 1.5Mb/s.

On the other hand, the DTS feature brings entertainment to life by having a scalable and versatile advanced post-processing package. It creates immersive audio by virtualizing height content over traditional stereos. DTS sound is more advanced, has better quality and will definitely be a star feature in this TV. It is adaptable to change and works in several different ways.


You might consider the Hisense A61G models you are looking for a good smart TV. It comes with a huge selection of streaming apps and great upscaling of low resolution. It also has wide viewing angles and decent reflection handling that make it good for watching shows.

Despite lacking the local dimming feature that is seen in Hisense U7QF, it still allows images to remain accurate at an angle

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