Hisense FC142SH Chest Freezer

Original price was: KSh 37,999.00.Current price is: KSh 34,999.00.


Hisense Chest Freezer FC142SH
Brand Hisense
Model FC142SH
Net Dimension (W*DH):
Capacity 144L
Loading Capacity 144L
Type Chest Freezer
Color white
Warranty 2 years

Original price was: KSh 37,999.00.Current price is: KSh 34,999.00.

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The chest freezer measures around 802 X 559 X 854, this is a freezer that is not too big to take a lot of space or make it cumbersome to move. The height of the freezer is not high enough and can easily be cleaned and even store and remove food from it.

This design as seen in the images makes it easy to open the door slightly or all the way. The hinge is strong and can open steadily at angles between 30 ° and 60 °. This means that the door remains open while you are working on the freezer, you do not need to hold the door as there is no risk of the door closing by itself.

The device itself is much better with the white color freezer allowing it to look more presentable and the metallic frame makes it very easy to clean. The design makes the freezer good for all personal and commercial use

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